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September Spreads

As promised, here are my September spreads. Compared to August…I really like the whole “memory” planning style. I actually tried to use my Erin Condren to plan my week and I hated it. I love playing with stickers, but after the fact. Not as actual planning. Anywhos, here’s September!

sept wk1

Printable kit. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where exactly I found it. But all credits to them.

sept wk2

These stickers were from a Happy Planner sticker book. I threw away the packaging so I’m not entirely sure which book it’s from, but it can be found on Michael’s or their own website.

sept wk3

Printable kit from The Organizing Companion. I really love how clean the kits look.

sept wk3

Sticker kit from PlannerSisterStickers. They’re an affordable sticker shop with crazy sales during new releases. It is a 2-3 week processing time, so be prepared to wait.

I found that white space is more to my liking. I’m repeating myself at this point, but I figured I say it again. Eventually I hope to catch up and plan as memory keeping. I already messed up in October, because I planned two weeks at one time. So I’m going back and adding my plans to it. By next week, I should be on track. We’ll see.

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Hello October

I’m back! September was a crazy month in school and I was running around preparing for my field practice. Am I making excuses? You bet I am lol. But I am hopeful that the tentative schedule I’ve set for myself will work out. I did get myself a new seasonal job so that will affect how much free time I have, but I’m determined to post weekly. It’s October. And it’s my birthday month. I want to be consistent and show off how pretty my ECLP has turned out.

For this post I’m only going to show my August spreads, because they truly reflect the whole “memory keeping planning” that I purchased the Erin Condren for. Septembe, I tried to actually plan with it, in conjunction with my regular planner and I didn’t like how they turned out. I got overwhelmed with actual planning and playing with stickers.

wk 1

wk 2

I really like how clean looking everything is. I am definitely a white space planner. I don’t like for everything to look cluttered. And here, I got to use up washi tape I haven’t touched in months.

wk 3

This isn’t my favorite spread out of the four weeks. It’s definitely too cluttered for my taste.

wk 4

This was my favorite spread and look how blurry it came out. I apologize. I would try and replace the picture but this will serve as a reminder to me. To always check the photo after taking it and not assume it came out ok. But look at the pretty colors. And that carnival washi. I’m so glad Scotch brought it back.

Next week I’ll be sure to show September’s spreads. That way you can see how much I fail at actually planning like how the girls on Youtube seem to be able to. I don’t have a lot of stickers. And I can’t budget in that expense in too often. But when I do spend money, I like buying those character stickers. I also use them when I’m writing in my journal. The main reason why I bought them.

Any who, happy October everyone. It’s finally fall feeling here in Southern California and I love it.

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Erin Condren Life Planner

It’s been a long time. And I know I’ve neglected this site. As the semester has only just started, I’ve been running around trying to get all my paperwork in order. I’ll be starting my field work (finally!) and that has been priority.

But I am back. I’m working on some kind of schedule and will hopefully go back to my weekly posts here. I have ideas for the future, but it’s all dependent on my school schedule and whether I’d be able to work a lot or not.

So for this semester, as I was browsing Amazon for textbooks, I remembered seeing on Instagram that Erin Condren now offers planners through there. I entered the name and low and behold, I could get my hands on an 18-month Neutral planner without having to pay the extra fees that’s normally on the website itself. I figured since I was already purchasing things for school, a new school planner would be useful.

Vertical Neutral

This was the version I went with. The vertical, neutral layout. At first I was hesitant as I have my beloved Filofax Orginal Patent in A5 Duck Egg Blue as my main planner with vertical inserts that I made myself. But I figured I could use this ECLP as a memory keeping/school planner. To see if I like it or not. For some strange reason, I find that I can work with this planner better than my Happy Planner. Which has the same layout except there are no spaces in between the days. I think that’s where I had trouble in the Happy Planner. Everything was too squished in. And I like my white space.

Neutral (up close)

Since my Filofax is my main, home planner, I’ll use this EC as my more creative, fun planning. Where I can use stickers and not worry about the stickers going to waste. $55 for a planner is pretty pricey, but from Amazon, it’s so much better than buying it on the EC website where you’re spending $55 for a twelve-month planner, have to add an additional $5 for the rest of 2016, and any additional personalization is another $5-$10.

I’ll stick to this planner for a year. I want to try the planning/memory keeping/scrapbooking thing that’s so popular in the planning community and see how I like it then. It’s going to be a busy semester for me and I figure I’ll have a lot to put into the planner. Here’s to hoping.

Colorful Vertical

And here’s a picture of the colorful inside. This is a pretty color. Some of the other months I wasn’t a fan of. Hence me purchasing the neutral.

EC Cover
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REVIEW: Erin Condren Notebook

I was waiting for this notebook to come in to write a post on it. Shipping time was standard and I knew that any customization would take a while. Overall, I do love it.IMG_3784

I didn’t want to pay extra for the gold foil covers or the colored rings as the extra price wasn’t within my budget. I do love the cover. And the fact that it is interchangeable. I tend to change my  mind about everything, so having an interchangeable cover is great for me. Looking at their luxe cover planners, that would have driven me mad.

I chose to get the notebook instead of the vertical, neutral planner because I don’t have a need for it yet. I plan on waiting until November to purchase one for the new year. And even then, I’m going to use it as a scrapbook/memory keeping planner instead. Functionally, I’m a lister. And having the boxes limits me, even though I know I can just ignore it. But I just can’t lol.

EC Dot

The notebook itself is pretty standard. It wasn’t as thick as I thought it would be for the price ($20). But for a first purchase from this company, it’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I chose the dot grid option as it gave more flexibility. The other two layouts were lined and lined with a notes column.

Having heard of all the pixilation issues in the neutral planner, I decided to wait. I fully expect a $75 planner to be nearly perfect. And even if I’ll be covering the pages in stickers, my expectation still stands. I was going to purchase the planner at Staples as it was cheaper in store, but I hate the watercolor background. It would’ve been fine, but October’s color is an ugly orange color. That’s my birthday month and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stand looking at it all month long. Picky? Yes, but I want to love my purchases 100 percent.

EC Package

I like how the notebook was packaged. My overall opinion is that it’s nice. I think the real test will be when I purchase the actual planner to test out. This notebook is for my bullet journal. I’m a real big fan of that and once I’ve dabbled in it more, I’ll be posting about that as well.

Erin Condren Notebook $20
Erin Condren Life Planner $55**
**before any customization

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Planner Peace?

So if you’re close to me you’d know how much I love stationary. It’s always something I’ve loved since I was a kid and now, as a full blown adult, it’s grown. Learning about the planner community through YouTube and watching all those videos, I’d love to be able to constantly buy those sticker kits. But that’s a frivolous expense I can’t justify all the time. They’re pretty, and I do occasionally buy a set, but they don’t really work for me, functionally.

I am considering buying an Erin Condren, but it’d be used solely as a memory keeper/scrapbook. I use A5 inserts that I print out and once I’m done with a couple months, I toss them out. So when I do use stickers for my every day, it’s only for the important things I want to remember. I don’t want to be throwing away money.

I’m thinking I’ll do a series of posts on this. Maybe turn this page completely into a planner haven for myself. More like an art page actually. I’ve been getting better with my drawings and would like to document my process. But we’ll see.


For today, I’m focusing on A5 ring bound planners. I’m particularly partial to the Filofax, simply because I like the sleekness of the design and the width of the rings. I currently own the Duck Egg Blue version of the Original range. It was a splurge, and most likely my most expensive planner, but the quality is great. I love it. It’s helped me to organize my important documents in one place and it feels fantastic. I would like to get the personal size of this in Nude. I’m going to wait on it, as it’s not something I need.

Then there’s the Kikki-K. kikkik

I chose this particular version because I want it (lol). Inside, the rings are black and contrasts against the mint green color. And I’m partial towards blues and neutral colors. I may dive back in and purchase it, but like the personal Nude Filofax, I don’t have a need for it. My current personal planner is my Filofax Domino, which I use as my school, assignments tracker. It was cheap and I don’t worry about scratching it. My A5 stays at home at all times. I’ve only just taken off the plastic;/ I’ve had the planner for a month.

Also, as nice as the Kikki-k planners are, I just wasn’t in love with the one I had. It was a black, medium (personal) size, and I hated it. I ended up gifting it to my friend (with some Michael’s Recollections inserts); it was her graduation gift. She likes it a lot more than I do, which I’m happy about. I didn’t want the planner to just sit there.

I don’t collect planners. Notebooks, yes, because I journal. I’ve done that since the fifth grade. I’ve yet to finish a full notebook, but I’m getting close. By the end of August I should finish my bujo/journal. And the end of the year, I should be done with my Hobonichi style daily A6 planner (journal). It’s a goal and I’m getting there.

For next time, I think I’ll be focusing on the Erin Condren.